Monday, November 14, 2011


Seeing God in the pines, through eyes renewed with His purifying.  It is Him I love, adore, praise.  This is the goodness He gives:

black bear wandering through the bush other side of french doors
a book to engross me 
visit from mom bearing goodies for my kitchen
a friend with mom
beef fills the freezers
apple juice waits to find storage space
new Tupperware slowly being put to use
more french bread from my oven
pine branches in the urn with the birch branches outside the front door
lovely lunch with church friends

running to the library because it was closing in half an hour, then walking home the long way
long walk with mom and our friend

surprise visit from Uncle and Aunt and time spent over some nachos
house tours in the pines
Friends who share visiting family with us over Sunday lunch
image and glory and 1 Corinthians 11

worship and purity
evenings with a husband who can't hunt after work since the time changed
another walk with a neighbor, then introductions to her quilts
more plants from this neighbor
finally meeting another neighbor
pillow cover finished
homemade crackers
herbs relocated indoors and a light rigged for them
lots of quiet and rest
texting once again because the lost cell phone was found
the start of a honeymoon photobook

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