Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#677 - 709

Somewhere between adolescence and whatever I am now, I lost pleasure in grit, grim, and tomgirl efforts.  Long ago despite the destined agony, I vaguely recall feeling a self satisfaction while trudging to the dump trailer for another round of picking stones, to eat dust and grind fingers, or to the wagon of straw bales wating to soak up my sweat and imbed their fibres into my arms and legs.  Though the work was hard, farm life was freeing.  It released me from the pressures of neatness to the freedom of sweat, dirt, and wild hair.

Appropriately, I celebrated Labour Day weekend, and my first anniversary amid the grit, grim, and tomgirl efforts of camping, rediscovering the heart of labour - survival and the heart of love - for better and worst.  And unanticipated, was the discovery that the surest way to increase my gratitude for what I have, is to live 4 days with less than I possess now.  Suddenly what often feels incomplete in my home, is luxury invaluable.

an island after nine miles of water
one mostly flat spot just large enough for our tent
surviving without the forgotten pillows, cookies, muffins, and camera memory card
smoke, soot, and ashes
a leaky boat just large enough for our gear
borrowed utensils, tent, tarps, and other neccessities
squat spots
clear, fresh northern air
buried pancakes
instant pudding experiments
delicious open fire meals
diving off the rocks into cool, clean water
fishing, reading, crossword, word searches
laughing like i haven't for a long time
clearing trails, pulling out brush, knocking down dead trees, creating a campsite
one tea kettle lid lost in the deep depths of the lake
washing dishes at the water's edge
fresh caught fried fish
light sleeping
loon calls, fish jumps, beaver homes, distant coyote howls
my love calling back to the coyotes
swimmer's ear
a meanering slow ride back to the launch
black bear lunching up on the rocks
the desperate, painful need for the toilet
a hot soak in the bathtub
sitting at the table for supper
clean toes once again
sun and wind blazened face, heating up
early early retiring to an amazing bed
one deep long satisfying sleep

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