Monday, August 29, 2011


Sure there is more than the here and now
Soft hum of bumble bee wings
compass embedded in cap of insect repellent can
wild blackberries
stinging scratches from hiking through brambles
grass taller than I
Introductions to cottage country native plants
meeting neighors
Homemade dayplanner
My love thrilling over his homemade hamburger patties
A niece, a nephew, precious new lives
pickled beet jars popping as they seal
home sewn baby booties
shopping in the city with my love
barely tolerated car rides to see family
pitas, and all things healthy
steaming peach jars
blanching beans
fresh produce at the roadside
hints of autumn
setting up the tree stand for my love
card sales
a world groaning, aching for redemption
curb appeal ideas for the house
One year, already! - it's been wonderful

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