Monday, July 25, 2011


My love opening the car door for me
Budding periennials
An evening swim across the way
Up close to a deer on foot
Holy Spirit strength for redeemed living
Many tents and family fun, food, & campfires
Exploring cottage country on evening drives
Morning exercising along with praises
Praise and worship with my out of tune piano
VBS stretching me, exhausting me, opening me to grace
A God who gives and gives and gives
Thunder echoing off rocks and waking my sleep
A night of sleep in the screened gazebo
Daylilies surprising me with my favourite bloom colour
A computer finally freed for my use at the library
VBS program inspirations
Frugal home decor projects
Repurposed cracker boxes, tin cans, and glass jars
Food gifts to ease a VBS teacher's domestic demands
Card orders
A new family doctor assigned
Parking meters with many minutes waiting for me
Rain for dried out and some burning forests
Unsuccessful layer cake remade into trifle

1 comment:

  1. unsuccessful layer cake made into trifle. That sounds like my house. Thanks for the gratitude.