Monday, July 4, 2011


Shooting stars
Cottage vacation
Plant sales
New homes now occupied by my family
Sunday lounging in the hammock
A piano cast-off into our home
Fresh herbs outside the back door
Vegetables growing in strawbales
A husband who can figure out how to fix most things
Card brochures finally delivered!
Beautiful weather for a weekend with visiting friends
Boat rides on sparkling lakes
Turtles crossing the roads
Galaxies dusting the skies
Locating constellations
Renewed motivation to keep house
Interesting books always awaiting me on the bookshelf

1 comment:

  1. Clicked over from Ann's. Love your cute design, and little birds!

    I especially like "Galaxies dusting the skies"...they do dust the sky, don't they? I always find loads of things to be thankful for druing the summer. Just last night we caught loads of fireflies.

    Have a wonderful 4th!