Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Dirty hands from transplanting in the yard

Dogsitting that little pug again

2 sisters, 2 nephews in my house for 2 days!

Enjoying tasty success

Eating in the gazebo

Relaxing with my love after sharing our house with family, then friends

Hanging out the first laundry ever on the new clothes line :)

Swarming black flies that ARE NOT BITING YET

A sleepy boy mistaking my leg as his mom's to rest against after church

A remote walk in a bush, (trying not to think about bears)

Returning to the hospital of my childhood to encourage friends

The expertise of large city physicians and facilities

A ceramic coated, much better than teflon, frying pan

Altering a shelving unit by myself with a little blade to make it fit in a new space

Solar lights we mounted on trees lining our driveway now marking the drive on returns home at night

Revelations, those moments I realize that what I know really is applicable to my current situation

Making a friend so happy by problem solving her computer problems

The reuniting hug when my love returns from work everyday

Me, reading and enjoying a historical book?!

A simpler, more attractive mantle display


  1. I heart your list, always too. And your site is so like home, and warm, and I heart your words. This time the one that is my favorite from your list is "A remote walk in a bush, (trying not to think about bears)". You didn't even mention the Lions and Tigers. I know of those walks, alone, deep and dark, and exhilarating, and peaceful, and a teeny bit terrifying :-) I hearted this – all of it – thank you – and God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day Eleanor.

  2. It is always fun to see what people are grateful of...Yes, I hate worrying about those pesky bears when hiking especially when I am up in Alaska and Montana.