Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My estimated date for the disappearance of snow from our yard proved pessimistic on its disappearance Apr 29

Roasting weiners over our first campfire

Following election drama with my love

The lawn mostly raked

Visitors for Easter weekend

Discovering the satisfaction of a low sodium and low fat diet as adhered to by dad

Eating bbq'd steak outside

Dog sitting a little pug pup

The mercy of each day before the appearance of the much warned of black flies

Birds in our yard

Young minds exerted for a science fair

Judging science fair projects

Receiving my first order of greeting cards

Reliving the 2010 olympics

A bouquet of flowers from my love for no specific occasion

A wedding dress suitable to be worn again to church Easter Sunday morning

A new leaf appearing in my orchid plant

Realizing painting the exterior doors black would make our house look much classier

Delicious food on a night out for supper

Georgian Bay on a beautiful day

Somewhere between weekend visitors, yardwork, Easter and steadying myself when the familiar securities are gone and change continues, I've lost the motivation to blog.  Struggled to be comfortable with my "voice."  But now that I'm here again, it's comforting.  This space now one of the few familiars of my life.  And yes, there is much good to celebrate.  This earth isn't intended to be my security or the home that brings me most comfort.  Wars, natural disasters, dramatic politics are all ready reminders.  A faithful brother, caring for grandsons whose sister and parents wait anxiously for healing hours away in hospital, halting reminds us to hold loosely those and what we have.  And directs us with Luke 21:28.  "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."  His is a life of personal uncertainty too.  I'm not alone.  I share unsteady footing with a world seeking security and comfort.  And I look up for my redemption is drawing nigh!

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