Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gifts 536 - 551

Me in the glider chair, she in her car hrs away, us taking the opportunity to update each other on our lives

Answered prayer to find filed "roll up the rim" wins

An evening out for free donuts and some coffee with my My Love

Opting for 3 layers rather than the winter parka

Being called "mom" by a little friend forgetting herself while I babysat

The efforts of a little mr to speak

The haze of evaporating snow and ice

Robins! finally seen by me here in cottage country :)

A counter-top filing system made of cracker boxes

A lump in my throat, a tear in my eye, and an ache in my heart watching and listening to these... joining my soul in their praise

Exciting details falling into place for my parents and siblings

The irony that by the time I'm married and living in cottage country for 9 months, I'll be the most settled of my family

Stories of dad and his siblings' and spouses' trip with grandma to celebrate her 80th birthday

A bird's visit to the light outside my window

My greeting card store beginnings

Resume composition for a friend

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  1. A counter-top filing system made of cracker jack boxes...that I would like to see. Thanks for the encouragement.