Monday, March 28, 2011

516 - 535

Trees colour burned red in early morning sunlight
In-laws overnight
My first contributions to a potluck
3 miles before 8:30am
Income tax returns
Finishing Sunday praising unaccompanied with God's people, wonderful start to a week
Make our own bingo scoring scheme 
Contemplating joy with "Jesus man of Joy"
The contrasting combination of bright invigorating sun and snow and cold crisp air
A future for my parents and siblings fulfilling dreams and presenting opportunities
Rising moments of hope interrupting ready negativity
Mystery to be welcomed, not despised, a grace for finite me
Past triumphant experiences with love
Past stumbling over dropping of joy, now recognized and instructing
Past exercises of faith
These three abiding, weaving, capturing my heart:  faith, joy, love
These moments for making acquaintances, for caring, for sharing life
Time coming to its end, bringing Christ's return -- soon, ah
My love singing from the sanctuary podium, smiling joy on our praises


  1. "Time coming to its end, bringing Christ's return" - I've been thinking on this one a lot too. SOON is what I hope for, yet I know so many who aren't ready! Praying all of us who ARE ready will continue to fight for the souls of those who aren't, until that day comes!

  2. Loved being here today and reading your post. Rising moments of hope was what hit me today and meant a lot! I'm so often negative, and to have those hopeful moments are like breakthroughs! I was also wondering what you made for your potluck! I'm out of ideas here!!!!