Monday, March 14, 2011

476 - 495

- No injury or damage from a miscalculation while felling a tree
- Light infusing my house
- Learning the art of making phone calls
- The tantalizing possibility of soon completing overdue bill payments
- Dreaming up ways to celebrate when the bills are paid
- Receiving an anticipated government grant cheque
- Safely reaching the top of a slushy hill
- Sleep smiles of a newborn
- I am distinguished!
- Waking to a back rub
- Blue eyes and braided blond hair making a little girl a little lady
- Crisp, sunny walk to the library
- A little girl's voice calling to her guardian, "COME AND GET ME" from beyond the books of the library
- 6 adults, 500 puzzle pieces, and 2 hours
- Weekend visit from My love's brother & wife
- A progressive party all weekend
- A decreasing list of places to change my name
- Meandering through the woods on snowshoes
- Regular walking 50min to the "neighbor's"
- Learning extensively from this book:  The Church and the Surprising Offense of God's Love


  1. Thank you for sharing your thanks...
    I share in them with you.

    Lovely blog... lovely spirit making it lovely everyday.


  2. A brilliant week. Grateful with you that none were hurt when you miscalculated felling the tree. I know first hand how scary sudden injuries from those sorts of "oops" can be. Praise God!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my 1000 gift post! Your blog is lovely, and the "sleep smiles of a newborn" brought a smile to me!

  4. I didn’t come from the link today – I just spun by to read you – and look – a grateful list anyway – which is good because I missed you on Monday :) And because it made me smile really big, and because I think this is such an incredible idea – and because I’ve never finished one – but I might with extra help - my favorite from your list is - 6 adults, 500 puzzle pieces, and 2 hours

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day