Monday, February 7, 2011

An unexpected quiz

We gathered in pews of our small sanctuary at the close of another day of rest.  And this evening responsibilities conflicted and the devotional needed to be improvised on short notice.  While the appointed to warm our hearts toward our Lord rescued someone somewhere in distress, we exercised our memory.  I had the unexpected opportunity to review Colossians 1:1-6 in the invitation to participate in the warming of our souls for God’s word by reciting any verse from His word tucked away in our memory.  With uncertainty I stuttered and haltered my way to verse 6 with but only a few mind blanks and pauses.  It is one thing to recite to an individual, quite another to a congregation.  To my relief I didn’t miss a verse as I feared when I checked the pages after this quiz, a satisfying gift of grace.

A white dress and smiles of hope and candles and hugs
My love, adored by oldest nephew
A bundle of cuddles and sweetness, my nephew
Living as guest with my sister and family
Love that can never be over-celebrated
Eating the meat of scripture regarding prayer
A George MacDonald book obtained with in-store credit
Inspiration for a story
Misting snow floating between tree tops like hovering angels….. or ghosts
Trudging through knee deep snow  
The comfort of a perfectly fitted seat in the snow
Talking nonstop with dear friends, my overnight guests
Unsuccessful ice fishing giving me an excuse to abandon housework
The freedom of submission
A homemade planner
Water fountains adding moisture and the sound of trickling water to our living
Pride for my love’s wisdom appreciated and recognized
Cappuccinos from scratch
A legacy of thought and experience from Oswald Chambers 


  1. Way to go! I am so glad to know someone who stepped out and recited some of the verses in her church. I have committed to say the whole book of Colossians to my congregation in January 2012. I made the promise so I would be accountable for learning the verses every week. Your post was a great testimony to me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m here from Ann’s. Sorry so late but it takes a long time to get through all of these gratitude lists – and comment like I mean it.

    First – you are a brave memorizing saint! Awesome.

    My fave from your list:

    Love that can never be over-celebrated (amen and amen)

    This was a really good thing to read today

    God Bless and Keep You and all of yours