Monday, January 31, 2011

Through Nature and People He embraces me with His Blessings

372.  Winter’s snowy diamonds
373.  Precious fleeting moments when the house is clean from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side
374.  Role reversal of serving my parents
375.  Delight of the new purse on my shoulder
376.  Realizing I don’t miss the icy winter of southern Ontario
377.  White porcelain birds
378.  Making a room useable after abusing the space for storage
379.  Mutterings from the game of Empire Builder
380.  Lunch with my accepting mother-in-law
381.  Apple crisp directly from the oven to a bowl with ice cream
382.  Embossing snow angels onto the lake’s undisturbed powder
383.  My love’s care for a sickly me
384.  Compliments for a new dress and hairstyle
385.  Efficient walk-in clinic
386.  Miracle effect of antibiotics
387.  Luscious gray walls of a basement in transition
388.  A new friendship developed on a day trip, over the computer and sewing machine, through feminine neediness, and shared meals
389.  Sitting at a table with eager sisters discussing prayer and it’s references in The Word
390.  Finishing a good read begun years ago.
391.  Common interests providing opportunity for new acquaintance
392.  A vast selection of prayer topics to learn from during a winter study
393.  Reassurance from my love
394.  Jacuzzi soaks for an aching body
395.  Large credit at the used book store for the mass of magazines being shed from our possession



  1. Thankfulness is a good exercise, isn't it? Thanks for sharing, and also for your visit to my blog. :o) God bless.

  2. your header is beautiful. did you take that photo? makes me smile, thinking of the promise of spring:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a beautiful blog you have. Thanks for sharing your blessings.