Monday, January 10, 2011

Alteration - Through the changes His blessings are consistent

The year is appropriately summed up in alteration.  It was one long change from engagement, through surgery, to a new community and home.  I do not adjust to change gracefully.  I forget that just because change enters parts or most of my life, I do not need to abandon every familiar activity.  This irregular posting is an indication that I’ve ignored some worthy disciplines while trying to become acquainted with new responsibilities and relationships and routines (still needing to be developed!)  The feelings of instability and of losing myself thrust me into deja vue.  However they’ve also sent me to God’s Word.  Verse by verse His truth is stabilizing me, strengthening me, convicting me, and changing me.  Blessing me.  With His Words as my foundation, these words may begin to flow again.          

Through the changes His blessings are consistent:
# 343 – 371

Unexpected source for a car battery
A lost cell phone found
Safe arrival of a second nephew
Intriguing new places to explore near home
Christmas celebrated in quiet reverie
Successful quieting of the trouble baby
Thrills of cutting into a freshly first ever baked loaf of french bread
Homemade milk chocolate fudge
Allowing myself a tussle in a snowbank in public?!
This season for scarves!
Successful quick baby sling sewing project
Friendships that are not new and have not changed
Experimenting with the white balance and AF area on dear sony
Rolling Yahtzee twice in New Year’s Eve Yahtzee game!
Major deal on prints when a large quantity was needed
Caramel steamers
Board games with family
Love for Secret Believers I don’t know
A brother who isn’t really a sibling as proud of identifying with my family as any of us
Drawer organizers from the dollar store
Assembling an attractive and interesting gift basket
Feathery soft baby face cheeks
Guiltless home décor spending with a gift certificate
Freedom from entangled emotions enabling me to see what is needed and to do it, making a situation better
Thickly iced roof of snow
Eager truth seekers committed to sharing a life of obedience
Winter as it was created to be
Transparency exemplified in church leaders
The honest soul-baring of fellow worshipers approaching communion service


  1. i'm not very comfortable with change, either. i'm just learning that sometimes, it can mean adventure.

  2. I don't adjust well to change either. Thank goodness, the Lord meets us in those changes and draws us even closer to Him. Just as you said, His blessings are consistent in change.

    Praying this New Year will bring contentment.

    P.S. Followed you here from 3 From Here & There