Monday, November 15, 2010

Dying to Live

I thought a November walk in the woods would be less intriguing.  But then I stopped to acknowledge the dying around me.  And in the decay I smelled future life.  Fallen heros of the forest give there last offerings to the life of the woods.

Lying in their beds of carpeted foliage, they testify to life sacrificing for the new growth struggling to be strong.   

And always the bedrock holds the ground from generation to generation.  

These are the royalty of the woods, robed in moss and light, spreading life as they die.

How like my earthen wanderings – a royal member, commissioned to cultivate life as I die. 

But for me, my life is not lost to the new growth among which I die.  It is lost only in the source of the Life I lived.  My final death never comes.  When I am laid in my earthen bed, I’ll exchange this fleeting work on earth for the product of the eternal work of My Saviour.  And while I revel in the glory His work has created, I pray the fading evidence of my earthly days will fertilize His life in the generations to come. 

Amid the dying He gives me:

My love’s delight at my pampering
New relationships begun by my love in days gone by
Creative alternatives until the final touches of our house are complete
Soul burning, cleansing, joy-giving truth
A Sunday school class of boys who drink truth
Days shared with a sister
A day with mother and grandmother
My love returned to me after days working away
Energy efficient, money saving light bulbs
A larger backyard after some tree removal
Seasonal decorative pots
A kitchen of exchanging smells from my domestic efforts
Sunny days in November
Aching muscles as evidence of some exercise
Enough money to provide for my needs when my wants never end
Time to do winter preparations in the yard
Moments of clean spaces in the house
Dryer balls eliminating the need to use fabric softener
Sunday lunch invitations
Dominoes with little men
Verbal appreciation from a pupil
Thrilling telescopic views of Jupiter

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