Monday, October 25, 2010



Change creeps up and overtakes my normal
Our Day fades to a surreal memory
I realize the exotic escape was only the beginning of a dream
This life continually leads my heart in wonder 
Expanding a longing for equal blessing to anoint my now distant family
New responsibilities press to find routine  
And I tremble in my vulnerability, fearing inadequacy
I know this life is so immeasurably good
But still familiar fear and discouragement threaten
The gulf of emotion swelling amid the change swallows my words
And I grapple with the reality that sometimes life is just so much bigger than my words.
Yet in the face of my joy, my aching, my shaken stability, my reveling in the new,
Gratitude overtakes, comforts with its presence; its familiarity.
So I attempt to anchor this unfamiliar newness with a meager sampling of the blessings that are beyond counting (and in no particular order):

Marriage that depends on God’s uniting, not the weather
Beauty that invites worship
A wedding that gives worth to the stress and tiring efforts
An evening of peace before Our Day
A morning of cold, sun, and minimal rain
Sharing a pivotal moment of my life with people from my past and my future
Seeing the pictures in my mind attractively displayed around me
Gifts testifying to the riches of community
Autumn in the north
My love, everyday
Learning to share my tears
Discovering the security of unconditional acceptance
Wearing the product of my hands, and the minds of mom and a sister
Having purpose for a day of celebration
The grandeur of the home of my youth and the backdrop for wedding pictures
Hearing my soul’s cry reflected in the words and teaching and encouragement of a new church family
Feeling the joy and beauty of my Saviour oozing from every pore on Our Day

(Some day I hope to have a more detailed review of Our Day. . .)

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