Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Day

Also a contribution to "Togetherness" with:

Sometimes life silences my words.  Wraps them in the shell of its cocoon as it metamorphs and I take new wings.  I fear to speak before I can adequately explain lest I reveal my fragility.  I wait in doubt until I can see evidence of good and explain what occurred in the cocoon. 

Today I dare because I believe it was good.  The two that I can never adequately explain, My Heavenly Father, and My love, keep embracing me in their love.  This love moves me to praise, banishing the fears that it wasn’t perfect and I appeared a fool because details needed to be changed last minute, the selection of songs was uncharacteristic, the processional and food untraditional, and the guest favour very revealing.  Fear seeks to silence me with its questions, robbing me of my explanations.  Did they grasp the wonder?  Did they like it?  Were their hearts moved?  I, the long time approval addict am now too removed to hear their reflections.  And I realize it doesn’t matter.  Their response to God does.  I don’t need to listen in, trying to take some glory for myself.  It was a Holy day, that day I tread the aisle.  I choose to remember that here, now.  As I release my voice, I shed fears suppressing lies that details were most important, when the gospel, God’s work, and our worship were.  Remember this as I quiet my words into photos.  I pray your interest isn’t simply piqued, but that your heart finds some evidence of redemption and falls in worship before our God of beauty, truth, purity, and goodness.

For truly, these two I can never adequately explain with my words:  My Heavenly Father, and My love.  I’ve married the one, and am engaged to the Son of the other.  They have come to me, I give myself to Them, I wait for The Son.  Until He returns, I live, a testament to His glory in the work He has done, is doing, and the life I will enjoy for eternity.  In this I find purpose.  In this I discover the wonder of the power to live with the love that’s gracing my life.

"O Lord God of Israel, there's no god like You"

"In heavn' or earth below"

"You keep Your covenant of love,"

Your covenant of love,

"O Lord, there is no god like You"

"In heavn' above."
Captions are lyrics of one of the prelude songs, "Covenant of Love" by Keith Lancaster

Watch for later peeks at this monument day in my life...


  1. just beautiful!
    fantastic roses ~ WoW!
    wonderful photos - thx for the invite to visit and view :) i absolutely value that and speak blessing into what God intends for you and yours...

  2. Stunning. I love the verses that go with the pictures, it reflects such joy and thanksgiving. Congratulations!