Saturday, August 21, 2010


I yearn .  .  .
To know my love. To be his. To be with him. To see him as he is.
To know my Saviour. To be more completely His. To be with Him. To see Him in His glory.

Like these last days of tangled wedding details, the mass of branches on a foggy spring morning, there is always something between me and what I seek beyond the trees, beyond the fog, beyond the river I know is there, but hidden from view....  seemingly always beyond what is now.
But love is my guarantee.  I will see.  I will know.  I will be in their presence. 
Because I love now, I yearn.


  1. what a lovely blog, eleanor!
    just a pleasure to visit ~
    and thank you for stopping in at mine :)

    i do think you'll be past the trees before you know it by the sounds of your other posts..

  2. thank you eleanor for leaving your lovely comment on my 'grandbaby yearning'...
    yes, I agree we cannot yearn for something we have not known ... love... home... family... purpose...
    all things we know because of God and will yearn for until we are yet again with Him in eternity

    I pray your upcomimg marriage to 'your love'; the 'imperfect man'?! will be a glimpse into what it will be like to be your Lord and Saviour's bride...

  3. I know the yearning of which you speak, and I believe it will continue to burn with until He returns to gather us to Himself.

    He Was, He Is, He Is to come!

  4. Today we see dimly. And tomorrow face to face.

  5. Your yearning is so meaningful. It is the one put there by the Lord, Himself. Beautiful.


  6. This is so lovely. I have felt that fog that forms the barrier...sometimes it feels I am feeling my way around blind--yearning.

  7. I like is my guarantee!