Monday, July 26, 2010

The joy of counting blessings is the distraction from present turmoil

 A new week started lazy.  Doorbell to answer before I've shedded the pajamas.  Dry after a weekend of raw emotions.  It's time to count some blessings and wrestle this rebelling soul toward life!

191. achy legs and feet after the success of long hours shopping
192. exchanged pennies for home accessories
193. wardrobes stacked, ready for assembly
194. the challenge ahead of integrating flooring, vanity, and wall colour
195. bargains again, freezer, cork flooring
196. tangled line and lure dangling from the corroding power line, remnants of a fishing trip's end
197. queen anne's lace adorned roadsides
198. closed road, bridge now the haven of wildlife
199. flaking bridge floor worn and rutted, warmed by the sun, a perfect place to lounge in the sun
200. blue heron
201. creek disappearing into the trees
202. wading
203. country access through the creek, no place is ever inaccessible to dwellers of the land
204. minnows catching the rays of sun
205. bull rushes as tall as me
206. a lift to my spirits
207. new songs, old songs
208. small intimate concert, my favourite kind
209. a quick hello to an old friend
210. fresh air
211. something out of the ordinary
212. my love at the kitchen stove
213. shelter from rainstorms
214. shelter for heart storms
215. bittersweet farewells signifying a healed wound
216. praise of another for my love
217. affirmation from a quick visit from the former farmhand, now unofficial adopted big brother
218. though camera forgotten, His spirit will not let me forget His beauty, His love, His care, His sufficiency
219. coaxing more life out of a fading bouquet
220. the nature and nurture of Spirit fruit, a full course meal from the pulpit

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  1. Hi Eleanor, I followed your comment here. I instantly loved you blog! I just read your story too. What beautiful words. Thanks for sharing your heart.