Monday, July 19, 2010

The joy of counting blessings is emotional fitness

My mood as dark as the clouds threatening rain.  Father checking the online tracking of coming rain.  Tears locked within my aching heart seeking permission to flow.  His call is not what I want at the moment but what I need.  My tears begin as his voice softens the dry cracking walls of self preservation.  Life moves fast, demands much, and gives and takes and again I'm floundering for my footing.  I don't expect ease and bliss.  I just want to find the eye of the storm.  Heart is raw, we say good bye.  The clouds overhead spill their burdens to a thirsty earth.  My tears join and I decide it is time to seek joy in gratitude.  Too long the blessings have been unrecorded.  The busyness drowning my hope and energy.  Gratitude will be the eye of this storm.

newborn birds outside the front door
hammock with a view
three days without a nurse visit
another project almost complete
smells of thailand wafting through the house
summer painted path out back
hostas spilling from their bed
overturned clay pot routing water fountain
cleaning products good for house, earth, and time
civility in the shrub garden
first excursion on the lawn mower this year
rice mats in the yard donned with hungry diners
a sister's chiang mai homesickness producing a delightful meal
coconut soup, cashew chicken, iced coffee, rice and the wonderful food of Thailand
invitations like I imagined
two sided adhesive applicators
praise belted from the lungs of adopted less aware child
more cashew chicken, fried rice, coconut soup and iced coffee
a door now in place from the master bedroom to the bathroom
no embarrassment for discussing sensitive subjects with my love

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