Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home - my heart is there, the move is yet to come

My love's working hard at minor renovations to prepare our home.  My heart's settled on the pines and the house.  I want to be there.  I pack and plan and shop and dream.  The transition's approaching quickly.  I'm tired of the divided interests of now and then.  It is a good reminder of the struggle of my heart every day.  
It's easy to forget that this tension is present within everyday and is evidence that the home of my heart is not where I am now.  I'm so relieved that home doesn't need my planning and decisions.  I'm just preparing my life to transition there.  Oh, it's going to be wonderful.  I wish I was there too.




  1. beautiful image, and lovely to meet you! thanks for linking up with Three!

  2. this is a beautiful photograph and your weblog is beautiful too. i'm going now to have a browse through your pages :-)

  3. thanks for playing along...

    transitions have a way of moving matters within us, don't they?

  4. I wouldn't might sitting under those trees and read a book, just like home

    our take on home is here: