Friday, June 11, 2010

Life is released through brokenness

I'm getting married.  I'm moving out.  I'm leaving the community that has been home, for one further away.  In so many ways, it's time, maybe even overdue.  I'm ready, yet I'm not.  As I consider and dream of the life ahead, I become more aware of the brokenness in the one I have now, mocking me, telling me I'm going to fail.  I begin to despise the brokenness in and around me, laying blame for the imagined future distress at it's door.  But this brokenness has purpose.  It is the way to life.  If the cocoon didn't burst, the butterfly wouldn't fly.  If the seed didn't split, the plant wouldn't grow.  If Christ hadn't been pierced and ripped apart, I would never live beyond my demise.  And so, I will be thankful for this brokenness.  I will let go of it, and let it serve it's divine purposes.  I will move through it to the life beyond, knowing I cannot fix it, I was not meant to fix it, and perhaps it was not meant to be fixed, for it was necessary in sending me off in the direction I am to go.

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