Monday, June 21, 2010

The joy of counting blessings is anticipating more good to come

The day seems like it will never come, it seems it will come too soon, his is here, her's is very soon.  Mine will come.  For now, I hang on to each moment, for life is marching toward some very big changes.


121.  mini lights

122.  cutely wrapped presents

123.  soft background music

124.  dainty desserts

125.  friendly lady chatter and laughter

126.  sparkling brides

127.  happy mothers

128.  shiny new dresses

129.  a little pampering

130.  prayers of blessing

131.  tears of joy and letting go

132.  precious little details

133.  sunny photo sessions

134.  teary eyed photographer

135.  classic car restored

136.  bubbles and a fairytale first dance

137.  happy, hushed, responsive, guests

138.  finished speech

139.  loving glances reflected from the mirror

140.  sun kissed relaxing at the water's edge

141.  my love's touch relaxing and releasing the exhaustion of events

142.  friendly interaction with my love's parents

143.  refreshing sunset play back on the farm where fashion doesn't matter

144.  winning and losing

145.  memories

146.  emotional relief

147.  intimate conversation under the trees by the sound of water

148.  dreams and our own planning

149.  being a bride

150.  knowing one day i will have beautiful events of celebration too

holy experience

1 comment:

  1. So many beautiful gifts to be thankful for -- tears of joy and letting go, winning and losing. I'll be thankful with you.

    You mentioned you are going to Africa. How exciting! I'm only going there in pages right now. And my wedding plans are my little brother's this weekend. I'm so happy for them. :)

    Blessings to you.