Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Joy of Counting Blessings is the opportunity to celebrate


61.  Bandaging lifted off my skin

62.  Information made more accessible by organizing

63.  Learning that discipline is not as difficult as I perceived

64.  Blog posts graced with a comment or two

65.  Returning to public worship after an extended absense

66.  Visits from friends and well wishers seeking to encourage me during recovery

67.  Camp fires that add the outdoor flavour to an open fire meal, the relaxation to an evening of camping chair lounging, and the focal point to the background symphony of nature - running water, birds, breezes, and critters of all kinds

68.  Insect repellent that keeps the mosquitoes at bay

69.  The freshly mowed yard

70.  Sisters who return home

71.  Provisions of dedicated parents

72.  Basking in the direct rays of sunshine

73.  Safe arrival of furniture purchased online

74.  An early start to packing

75.  The decreasing need for morphine

76.  The beginning of a dreamed up writing project

77.  Turning on of the AC

78.  Solved sudoku puzzles

79.  A sassy tee shirt gift from the reserved fiance

80.  Evening walks after sweltering days

holy experience

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