Monday, June 14, 2010

The joy of counting blessings is the increased awareness of my surroundings

101.  The buds of healing in the relationship of grown brothers known to me as father and uncle

102.  Birds perched on the hydro wires, against the blue sky & green foilage

103.  Eager crops excelling in early growth

104.  Steady healing

105.  Wild rabbits 5 feet ahead slowing my stroll

106.  Buzzing of a hummingbird's wings

107.  A greedy red squirrel hording the fallen seed and verbally abusing the chipmunk who's gotten too near

108.  Little boys at Sunday afternoon family barbeques

109.  The lush, vibrant, varying depths & highlights of nature's colour palate

110.  Watching a sister's heart emerge with my encouragement to relay the update from a phone call to her other life oversees

111.  Rheo Thompson chocolates

112.  Rising renovation prospects

113.  Functioning daily consumption checklist

114.  Dresses taking shape one piece at a time

115.  Moments of realizing the emotional turmoil hasn't destroyed my hope

116.  Over sized bouquets of stunning flowers

117.  Rejoining the world of automobile drivers

118.  Sisterly humour

119.  Power walking that leaves sore muscles

120.  Chatting with caring former co-workers

holy experience


  1. Why, I think this is just lovely. My heart hears this cry and I feel joined in your prayer for your brother.

    That's pretty special.

  2. The beginning in counting gratitude and a vulnerable truth. It is good.
    Welcome to gratitude community and a high calling.