Monday, June 7, 2010

The joy of counting blessings is the extension of past joy

81.  Newly acquired house keys in his hands
82.  The joyously proud smile on his face

83. Present house vendor doubling as friendly future neighbour
84.  A flower pot gift

85.  Wedding Invitation designs
86.  Graphic designer friend and humourist 

87.  Life off of the couch 
88.  Furniture deals with strangers
89.  Chauffeuring, accompanying, maid of honour sister   

90.  Packing boxes
91.  Reduced nursing care home visits

92.  Excited proclamations of the reappearance of health
93.  Summer family reunion attendance after Christmas absence
94.  Cutely assembled and wrapped raffle gift basket
95. Written thoughts by him for a personal wedding favour book

96.  Wonderfully sentimental, meaningful birthday card from him

97.  Treasured birthday present of forgotten desired items from the parents

98.  House improvement dreams

99.  Ridiculous family supper table conversations

100.  Curtains fully surrendered to the wind, gracefully, romantically moving with its current

holy experience

1 comment:

  1. Life off of the couch -- a gift for sure!

    And I've been enjoying curtains moving in the breeze today. Such a simple pleasure worthy of celebrating!