Monday, May 24, 2010

The joy of counting blessings is discovering the magnitude of good that graces life


41.  Early morning fog

42.  Nice camera purchased via kijiji

43.  An up close visit from a robin

44.  Foot massages

45.  Perfectly brewed london fog

46.  Beautiful couch purchased via kijiji at a scruptuous price

47.  Food that I eat, I digest, and does not make me sick!

48.  Friendly nurses

49.  Cake baked in a hospital patient pantry microwave

50.  New growth on evergreen trees

51.  Rightfully wearing pajamas all day

52.  Hospital room with a view

53.  Guiltless reading

54.  The moon through a telescope

55.  Final wedding songs selected

56.  Discovering a new song that is perfect for the moment it's needed

57.  Enchanting yards

58.  IV fluid

59.  The gift of healing

60.  Hot oat packs, baths, and showers

1 comment:

  1. It is true that counting our blessings helps us to grab hold of all the gifts that God gives us.
    I join you in gratitude for the gift of healing.
    blessings to you