Monday, April 26, 2010

The joy of counting blessings is the truth it awakens in my heart


21.  budding leaves illuminated by the blue blue sky
22.  that it's still possible for freeway traffic volume to be moderate

23.  the care and expertise of health professionals

24.  that extra pillow

25.  that God knows and understands when I don't

26.  God's grace that knows my depravity, but still accepts me, knows my helplessness, yet still moves to change me, knows my destiny & potential and teaches me, and knows God's greatness so it enables me to extend itself to others

27.  a God who is worthy of praise despite life's chaos, disappointments, and desolation

28.  a God who turns every devastation into an opportunity to taste His goodness and grow

29.  that with some persistence, a retailer that ships the bed I want to Canada, was found

30.  soaker rains that penetrates the waiting spring ground, returning the lushness to the waking earth

31.  caring friends & family

32.  words of encouragement received in conversation after conversation

33.  that foreign objects in my body eventually get removed (namely, ng tubes)

34.  the discovery that praise is the response God seeks from me especially when I am unsure how to respond to life

35.  the discovery that responses of praise liberate, encourage & help me to cope with the emotional onslaught of life

36.  bookstores even when I cannot allow myself to buy all the books or don't have the time to even read them all

37.   pear tea

38.   the return home of a seamstress in time for me to put her to work

39.  smaller jackets that actually fit me

40.  understanding accountability partners

To be continued. . .


  1. Your list was beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your gratitude. I too am thankful that God knows and understands when we dont.
    Sometimes it is hard to give in and admit it, for me at least!

  2. I join you in gratitude for bookstores filled with great books to read and for accountability partners that hold us to our commitments.