Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wearing my Boots to Work Provides me the Opportunity to go Out into the Snow and Build a Snowman.

. . . When I wear my boots that is.  I'm frustrated with myself at the moment because I didn't bother myself earlier this morning with putting them on.  Why did mom never instill in me the fun reasons for such things?  I know I need them in case I drive into the ditch and to keep me from arthritis... but I never realized I am robbing myself of spontaneous child play when I don't wear them.  I sit in an office with enormous windows in the north of the northern hemisphere.  Today the sun was illuminating the snow so invitingly, and the data was crammed into my  computer, pressing my mind, cluttering my desk and driving me away from the scene.  I had the crazy but delightful idea to go build snowmen outside the windows to entertain us in the office.  I suggested it to my co-worker and she said she didn't have snowpants, and then I remembered that I hadn't worn my boots today.  What a disappoint that realization was!  It would have been the perfect activity to clear my mind.  Perhaps if I ever remember to wear my boots, in addition to leaving enough time to get to work early, I'll built some snowmen outside everyone's office window.  Somehow being inspired that far in advance seems unlikely. . . but then again, I now know the opportunities wearing my boots could present.

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